Fist Full of Comics

Fist Full of Comics 7

Toastpirate Comics | 2010 | Country of Publication: Australia

Matthew Ryan


24 pages | For Mature Readers
Anthology, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Alternative



Writer/Artist: Brendan Boyd

“Be Still My Beating Heart” 1 pages

Writer: Jen Breach
Artist: Nick Bate

“The Austro” 6 pages

Writer: Steve Coloff
Artist: Mark Hobby

“Everything’s More Fun When You Are Drunk” 1 pages

Writer/Artist: Owen Heitman

“Monkey Temple” 2 pages

Writer/Artist: Jake One

“Book Of Joe” 4 pages

Writer/Artist: Dave Hodson

“Hey Everyone” 1 pages

Writer/Artist: Sione Bouts


Back cover by Lucas House



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