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04.04.2023 UPDATE:
Site admins are currently uploading the submitted entries for the 2022 calendar year. Once that has been done, the site will open up to accept new user registrations and allow users to upload their projects themselves (see below).

Welcome to the Australian Comics Database!


This site strives to do two things.

Firstly, as of May 2023, it serves as the “Call for Entries” for submissions to the annual Comic Arts Awards of Australia. The Judging Panel will use this site to access information about newly produced Australian comic projects in the given calendar year.

Secondly, as the years roll by and comics projects are added to the database, it will become an historical archive of Australian comics for anyone to access. There are currently over 1600 entries… and growing every week.

This Australian Comics Database is an initiative of the Comic Arts Awards of Australia Organising Committee. All rights reserved.

All information on this site is for research/educational use only. No reproduction or copying of scans permitted. All scans are understood to be uploaded by private collectors, or by members of the creative team or publishers/people that have the rights to do so. All rights reserved.

Images used on this site fall under the “Fair Dealing” parameters outlined by The Australian Copyright Council.

Submitting comics to this database

      1. Register. It’s free.
      2. Do a Search of the current site to see if the comic you want to enter hasn’t already been added (to avoid duplicate entries).
      3. Go to Submit A Project, but before you do, keep on reading about what you’ll need…

What you’ll need

Once you have registered, and before you submit an entry, you will need:

      • A good quality JPG or PNG of a project’s front cover (no smaller than 600px wide)
      • A good quality JPG or PNG of any variant covers published (no smaller than 600px wide)
      • Details of title, year published, and other essential information
      • A list of contents and contributors for the project
      • A screen optimised PDF of the project

Submitting projects for the Comic Arts Awards of Australia

After you have posted an entry, email the screen optimised PDF of the full project (or for larger files, links to Dropbox or any file transfer service) to:

Awards at ComicArtsAust dot com dot au
Subject: Comics Arts Awards of Australia Judging Copy

PDFs will only be used for judging purposes. They will not be publicly distributed. Please avoid sending print quality PDFs. The files can be quite large.

PDFs are preferred, but if physical copies are essential for judging (to showcase special printing or design), send six copies of the printed project to:

Comic Arts Awards of Australia
c/o Gary Chaloner
655 Glen Huon Rd
Glen Huon
Tasmania 7109

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please drop us a line using the Contact page.


Site editors: Daniel Best (editor), Gary Chaloner (editor/administrator).