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Fist Full Of Comics

Fist Full Of Comics 5

24 Hour Cynic Press | 2009 | Country of Publication: Australia

Tim Pearson


36 pages | For Mature Readers
Anthology, Mini Comic, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Alternative


“Gossip Ghoul” 1 pages

Writer: Mark Selan
Artist: Owen Heitman

“Despair” 3 pages

Writer: Mark Hobby
Artist: Nick Skeer

“Nun Limerick” 1 pages

Writer: Catherine Brittle
Artist: Loren Morris

“Is That A De Lorean?” 1 pages

“Jammed” 4 pages

Writer: Peter Moerenhout
Artist: Pieter Rosseel

“Happy Birthday Redbeard” 1 pages

“Cartooning: Artwork For Idle Hands” 2 pages

Writer/Artist: Greg Holfeld

“Oh Well” 1 pages

Writer/Artist: Ian C. Thomas

“I Bet Your Heart” 2 pages

“Cafe De Villis” 1 pages

Artist: Owen Heitman

“Let’s Find A Place” 1 pages

“Think Of A Woman” 5 pages

“(Untitled)” 1 pages

“It’s Time For Problem Solving With Dexter Knarley” 2 pages

“Everything Means Less Than Zero” 1 pages

Writer/Artist: Owen Heitman

“Hey Man, Do The Robot” 2 pages

Writer: Mark Selan
Artist: Owen Heitman



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