Walpole Kids

Walpole Kids

Walpole Weekly, Great Southern Weekender, Tomothy Books | 2020 | Country of Publication: Australia

Nathan Viney


All Ages
Comic Strip

Genre: Adventure, Humour


“Walpole Kids”

Writer/Artist: Nathan Viney


The Walpole Kids was created in 2020 as a way of making something marketable and entertaining for the local newspaper. The comic was accepted and from then on the three main characters have explored the outdoors, commented on school life and just had a bunch of silly fun. Each week the strip has been printed in the ‘Walpole Weekly’ and Albany paper ‘Great Southern Weekender’. The characters have also appeared on the poster for Walpole’s ‘Thank a Volunteer Day’ and in both newspapers Christmas Colouring in competitions! Which both had plenty of entries and winners. Just recently I printed a Walpole Kids Comic Zine released in Walpole and online as well as stickers! The zine was advertised with an interview with the characters in the Australia Day issue of Walpole Weekly and will be advertised in a future issue of the Great Southern Weekender.



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