Waking the Witches: Ruby’s First Blood

Waking the Witches: Ruby’s First Blood

Appletree House | 2020 | Country of Publication: Australia

Freya Rose


46 pages | For Children Under 12 Years, All Ages
Comic Book

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult


“Ruby’s First Blood” 36 pages

Writer: Kari Hill
Artist: Freya Rose


Waking the Witches is a four part comic series, with our first comic: Ruby’s First Blood. Our comic is a journey with Ruby, 11, who learns the power of her blood magick!

A Shamanic adventure story, Ruby meets her spirit animal, Zasha, and wise woman, Hekate and learns the truth about her Menarche: her first blood and the mission to wake up the witches.

It is a magickal adventure exploring girls’ rites of passage.

As a mother to Ruby, I felt such a calling to write about menarche; a girl’s first blood, such a powerful ‘Rite of Passage’. I really want to change the ‘story’ our society has around our blood mysteries. I feel Waking the Witches will empower us all to remember the magick in our blood.



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