Nervous Breakdowns

Nervous Breakdowns 4

Southern Aurora Comics/Issue One Comics | 1993 | Country of Publication: Australia

Gerard Ashworth


For Mature Readers

Genre: Alternative


“8 Weeks”

Writer/Artist: Neale Blandon

“One Fine Day In Heaven”

Writer/Artist: Matthew Scofield

“Inspector Crikey: Toyland Crime File”

Writer/Artist: Tom Priestley

“Heartland Poetry”

Writer/Artist: Brendan Boyd

“The Nightmare About A Small Dog Barking Gone Commercial”

Writer/Artist: David James

“Sticks In The Mud”

Writer: Steve Carter
Artist: Antionette Rydyr

“Blue Monday”

Writer/Artist: Ian Gunn

“Thoughts On A Train”

Writer/Artist: Nadine

“Greener Pastures”

Writer: Michael Michalandos
Artist: Tim McEwen

“Bite: Rot In Hell”

Writer/Artist: John Pepper

“The 7 Deadly Sins of Comic Book Culture”

Writer/Artist: Matthew Schofield

“Jack Benzer The Living Corpse: Wolfbait”

Writer/Artist: Wayne Matthews

“Sternium Frog Checks Out Hell”

Writer/Artist: David James

“Bob’s Spooky Ghost Stories”

Writer/Artist: Neale Blandon

“Rodge Is Armed and Dangerous”

Writer/Artist: Samantha Battersby

“Salt In The Wound”

Writer/Artist: Dave Heinrich


Writer: Rod Marsden
Artist: Antionette Rydyr

“Now This Happened”

Writer/Artist: Gerard Ashworth

“A Parable”

Writer/Artist: Tonia Walden


Writer/Artist: Gerard Ashworth


A5 format, black and white interiors. Publishers/editors listed as Sam Young, Don Ticchio, Brendan Boyd and Gerard Ashworth



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