Nervous Breakdowns

Nervous Breakdowns 3

Southern Aurora Comics/Issue One Comics | 1993 | Country of Publication: Australia

Brendan Boyd


For Mature Readers

Genre: Alternative


“The Story of Ant Boy”

Writer/Artist: Clint Cure


Writer/Artist: Peter Mullins

“Greener Pastures”

Writer: Michael Michalandos
Artist: Tim McEwen

“Sternium Frog”

Writer/Artist: David James

“The Dinner Party”

Writer: Steve Carter
Artist: Antionette Rydyr

“Rik & Bob”

Writer: Richard Pace
Artist: Max Renn

“Judge Dread”

Writer/Artist: Justin Bowra


Writer/Artist: John Passfield

“Page Filler”

Writer/Artist: Gerard Ashworth

“I Am Here”

Writer/Artist: Brendan Boyd

“Get A Life You Fucking Geek!”

Writer/Artist: Sam Young


Writer/Artist: Adolf Oberlander

“Junk Food”

Writer: Steve Carter
Artist: Antionette Rydyr

“Weeping Woman”

Writer/Artist: Neale Blandon

“Twelve Questions”

Writer/Artist: Paul Rebec

“Jack Benzer: The Living Corpse”

Writer/Artist: Wayne Mattheews

“Another Fuckin’ Page Filler”

Writer/Artist: Gerard Ashworth


Writer/Artist: Julian Grant

“Grasping Both Sides”

Writer/Artist: Antiony Paleka

“Comic Shops”

Writer/Artist: Neale Blandon

“Columns That Are Just More Fuckin’ Page Fillers”

Writer/Artist: Neale Blandon


A5 format, black and white interiors. Sub-titled “The Difficult Third Issue”. Publishers/editors listed as Sam Young, Don Ticchio, Brendan Boyd and Gerard Ashworth



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