Esther! a true story

Esther! a true story

Write & Wrong | 2018 | Country of Publication: Australia

Sandra Broman


124 pages | For Mature Readers, Adult content. Not for minors
Graphic Novel

Genre: Non Fiction, Biography, Drama


“Esther! a true story” 120 pages

Writer/Artist: Sandra Broman
Writer: Esther Olivares (from her autobiography)


Life in Chile was far from simple for anyone. As an outspoken determined woman, Esther was bound to walk a rocky path. Add to that a complicated family, a turbulent family situation and the growing realisation that she is a lesbian. From Chile to Australia – this magnificent true story is inspiring, powerful and heart-wrenching.

Esther! a true story is based on the first half of Esther’s autobiography, Esther’s Nine Lives.



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