XCT: Fractured World

XCT: Fractured World

COMICS2MOVIES | 2020 | Country of Publication: Australia

Alex Malyshev with Wilson Go (colours)

Variant Covers



70 pages | For Mature Readers, Adult content. Not for minors
Comic Book, Graphic Novel, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction


“Fractured World”

Writer: Ben Rosenthal
Artist: Alex Malyshev
Colourist: Wilson Go
Letterer: Darren Close


In the year 2069, the Xtreme Champion Tournament (XCT) has cloned some of the pasts greatest heroes, villains and monsters. Caged and forced to comply, they have only one choice – to compete in the most brutal sport in the world as a part of the XCT!

After a fiery explosion rocked the XCT arena, Spartacus and his team tried to stop the bloodthirsty monsters and villains from escaping but . . failed. Now with a team member down and the rest scattered across the countryside, Khan uses this opportunity to his advantage. Will Spartacus overcome his defeat to take up arms against Khan or will he stand by and watch the world fall?



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