Neville Howard and Moray Rhoda | 2013 | Country of Publication: Australia

Daniel Hugo


32 pages | For Mature Readers

Genre: Action, Adventure, Alternative, Humour


“The Lost and Found” 6 pages

Writer: Stefan Roodt
Artist: Walt Barna
Letterer: Stefan Roodt

“Just a Scratch Pinup” 1 pages

Artist: Daniel Hugo

“Space Hugger” 3 pages

Writer/Artist: Dean Rankine
Letterer: Dean Rankine

“Unicorn Girl Pinup” 1 pages

Artist: Jesca Marisa

“Gas” 9 pages

Writer/Artist: Ben Michael Byrne
Colourist: David Blaine

“The Adventures of Sir Charleston Columbus” 7 pages

Writer: Pieter Bruwer
Artist: Korbus Faber
Letterer: Stefan Roodt


Special San Diego Comic-Con 2013 edition



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