Uncle Silas: EARTH

Uncle Silas: EARTH

Self published by David Follett | 2020 | Country of Publication: Australia

David Follett


54 pages | All Ages
Graphic Novel

Genre: Action, Adventure, Humour, Young Adult


“Earth” 52 pages

Writer/Artist: David Follett


This sequel sees Silas, Selena, Tommy and Loki take a road trip to Naracoorte to discover the source of a mysterious underground energy signal, only to discover Australia’s extinct marsupial megafauna may not be so extinct after all.

Patrons can read the adventure unfolding when they get 4x full colour pages of Uncle Silas: EARTH serialised on my Patreon page every month. This 288 page graphic novel is set completely in South Australia and is the second in a series of 6.

Full of high adventure and low brow humour, this is for readers ages 8+



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