Ubby’s Underdogs: Return of the Dragons

Ubby’s Underdogs: Return of the Dragons

Magabala Books | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia


All Ages
Graphic Novel, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Adventure


“Return of the Dragons”

Writer/Artist: Brenton E. McKenna

Comic Arts Awards of Australia

Short Listed Project


It is the late 1940s and Broome, a small pearling town in the heart of an ancient land, is still recovering from WWII. Ubby and her gang of Underdogs cross into the Forbidden Zone on the Broome coastline in a desperate bid to locate their missing friend Sai Fong who has disappeared without a trace. What they encounter is worse than anything they could ever have imagined. To survive, the Underdogs must call upon the local gangs to unite, solve the mystery of the Dragon Summoner, and make contact with the mysterious Phoenix Dragon to fight the battle of all battles against an evil and unearthly enemy. What is at stake is the future of humanity itself.

The third and final installment in the Ubby’s Underdogs graphic novel series.



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