Toby and the Magic Pencil

Toby and the Magic Pencil 2

Reverie Publications | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia

Ben Sullivan

Variant Covers

Dan Watts

Dillon Naylor


28 pages | All Ages
Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy


“Chapter 2” 28 pages

Writer: Gary Dellar
Artist: Ben Sullivan
Letterer: Darren Close

Comic Arts Awards of Australia

Short Listed Project


This beautiful comic series showcases TOBY, with his Magic Pencil, on amazing adventures in surreal lands. Within time’s past, present and future, into lands that our imagination has forgotten. As well as his hilarious domestic adventures. TOBY thunders a beautiful art of storytelling that you cannot miss. Join us on an adventure you and your children will never forget.



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