Tinsuits 2

Two Steaks Press | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia


28 pages | All Ages
Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction


“Chapter 2”

Writer: D. A. Hogg
Artist: Daniel A. Becker
Letterer: Daniel A. Becker
Colourist: Daniel A. Becker


The Tinsuits story continues in this second installment. Secrets get exposed, plans are set in motion, and blood gets spilled. The greatest TV show in human history, the Crimson Trials, has come to a screeching halt when “Faction” Tinsuits make their move to eliminate all neutral Tinsuits players on Mars, and begin their bold plan to invade Earth. What does the CEO of the Crimson Trials think of this? Where there’s blood and violence, there’s money to be made.



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