The Worst Baby in the World

The Worst Baby in the World

Charles Sturt University | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia


12 pages | All Ages
Mini Comic, Zine

Genre: Humour, Supernatural


“The Worst Baby in the World”

Artist: Can Yalçınkaya
Writer: Riley, Will, Seth, Gemma, Maz


The Worst Baby in the World is a story written by five students in a regional high school in NSW and features original characters created and designed by them. The project came to life as part of a Charles Sturt University-based research project by Jessie Lymn and Kasey Garrison titled “Graphic Novels, Zines and Libraries”. Can Yalçınkaya held a workshop with the students about comics making and illustrated the story written by the students, using their character designs.

The story is about a group of housemates living in a fictional city, whose lives are disrupted when a demon baby knocks on their door and starts wreaking havoc.



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