The Wizard of O2

The Wizard of O2

Truth/Dare Media | 2020 | Country of Publication: Australia

Jean Lins


32 pages | All Ages
Comic Book, One-shot

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult


“The Wizard of O2” 32 pages

Writer: Quentin D. Young
Artist: Jean Lins
Letterer: Quentin D. Young
Editor: Quentin D. Young


Dolores loves to make things up and have fun… until it lands her in hot water with Dad!

​When she accidentally melts the ice samples in his laboratory, Dolores wishes she was somewhere far away from her troubles. But her wish soon comes true, transporting her to a strange yet familiar land ruled by a terrible, oxygen-making Wizard, who gives her only one chance to return home…

​’The Wizard of O2′ is a single-issue comic for kids and grown-ups alike, bringing readers back to the Land of Oz for a 21st century adventure in science and magic.



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