The SuperAustralians

The SuperAustralians

Black House Comics and IFWG Publishing | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia

Jan Scherpenhuizen


116 pages | All Ages
Anthology, Comic Book, Graphic Novel

Genre: Fiction, Action, Adventure, Superhero



Writer: Christopher Sequeira
Artist: Adam Yusoff

“Chapter 1: The Soldier Legacy”

Writer/Artist: Dr Paul Mason
Writer: Amanda Bacchi

“Chapter 2: Djiniri”

Writer: Julie Ditrich
Artist: Marcelo Baez

“Chapter 3: Soundstrike”

Writer: Komala Singh
Artist: Michel Gerencir

“Chapter 4: Lyrebird”

Writer: Christopher Sequeira
Artist: W. Chew Chan

“Chapter 5: Aethyric Man”

Writer: Bruce Mutard
Artist: Jules Faber

“Chapter 6: Princess”

Writer: Jason Franks
Artist: Jan Scherpenhuizen

“Interlude: Epoch”

Writer: Christopher Sequeira
Artist: Adam Yusoff

“Chapter 7: Rogue Host”

Writer: Johnathon Saunders
Artist: Ana María Méndez Salgado

“Chapter 8: Dragonblade”

Writer/Artist: Cristian Roux
Writer: Ian Gould
Writer: Christopher Sequeira

“Chapter 9: Longcoat”

Writer: Gregory Stewart
Artist: Matt Lin

“Chapter 10: Cosmosia”

Writer: Naomi Hatchman
Artist: Queenie Chan

“Chapter 11: The Jackaroo”

Writer: Cefn Ridout
Layouts: Gary Chaloner
Artist: Jan Scherpenhuizen
Colourist: Simon Robins

“Chapter 12: The Public Servant”

Writer: Karen Beilharz
Artist: Anthony Calvert
Colourist: Simon Robins

“Epilogue: Epoch”

Writer: Christopher Sequeira
Artist: Adam Yusoff


A graphic novel in the form of a ‘Chapter Novel’. Twelve superheroes – of all ages and ethnicities – battle twelve different supervillains in conflicts that take place in every state and territory and every landscape and geographical clime of Australia, not realising an arch-super-nemesis is behind it all! A celebration of the diversity of Australian culture and life in all its forms, and the beauty of the country’s territories, from desert to frozen waste.



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