The Resurrected Vol. 1

The Resurrected Vol. 1

Carnouche Productions | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia

Tula Lotay


For Mature Readers
Collected edition of previously published work, Graphic Novel

Genre: Science Fiction


“The Resurrected”

Writer: Christian Carnouche
Artist: Crizam Zamora
Colourist: Salvatore Aiala


The year is 2037 and the world as we know it has changed dramatically. With all the colossal technological advancements of the age, the most significant came from Drexler Nanotech Corporation, who created a serum engineered to resurrect the dead. The ethical implications were widespread and the serum was ultimately banned the world over.

It is in this setting, that an Aboriginal-Australian detective, Cain Duluth, and his Japanese-American partner, Akimi Ozaki, work for the Special Division for the Resurrected (SDR) in Nova Lucis, the newly created United Nations city-state off the east coast of the United States. The SDR’s mission is to pursue and permanently detain ‘Rezzies’ (individuals who have been resurrected using the prohibited serum). Their investigation of a brutal murder of a Rezzy launches Cain and Akimi into a clash with Drexler Nanotech and its enigmatic CEO, Xander Calypse, in a desperate bid to save Cain’s people from almost certain extinction. If they are to succeed, Cain must re-discover his Indigenous roots, while also finally learning to overcome the loss of his family who died in the techno-plague that ravaged Australia five years earlier.

Collects issues 1-5.



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