The Mycelium Complex

The Mycelium Complex 1

Nautilus Illustrations | 2020 | Country of Publication: Australia

Daniel Reed

Variant Covers

Daniel Reed


52 pages | For Mature Readers, Adult content. Not for minors
Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Science Fiction


“The Beginning and the End of Everything” 47 pages

Writer/Artist: Daniel Reed


Time is Biological!

It twists, loops and branches like fungal hyphae beneath the soil. Time travel requires no advanced technology, just a means to enter and survive in ‘The Mycelium Complex’.

A small crew of deperate scientists flee chainsaw-weilding ‘Mower Men’ in a strange and hellish future. What is their connection to the drunken backyard barbeque in present day suburbia?

Issue one is the first in what will be an ongoing comic series.



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