The Hunt

The Hunt

Art of Awesome Comics / Siberian Productions | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia

Ryan Wilton


67 pages | For Mature Readers
Comic Book, One-shot, PDF edition | Access PDF here.

Genre: Fiction, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Humour


“The Hunt”

Plot: Ryan Wilton
Artist: Ryan Wilton
Writer: Daniel Lawson
Editor: Daniel Lawson
Writer: Michael Carmody
Editor: Michael Carmody
Artist: Darren Close, creator of Killeroo
Artist: Hayden Fryer, creator of Billy: Demon Slayer
Artist: Mark Withington, creator of Madison & Rocksalt


The long awaited Australian Comic Cross-over of the decade is here: Killeroo, Billy: Demon Slayer and Rocksalt’s Madison face off against The Huntress in a massive, no-holds barred grudge match that will rock the very foundations of time and space.

Also features Trevor the Bull from Greener Pastures.



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