Something Wicked: Horror Anthology

Something Wicked: Horror Anthology

ISPX | 2005 | Country of Publication: Australia

Simon Sherry


100 pages | For Mature Readers
Anthology, Graphic Novel

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Thriller



Writer/Artist: Aaron Burgess


Writer: Dan Best
Artist: Andrew Finlayson

“In The Blood”

Writer: Adam Kealley
Artist: Caanan Graal

“Ghost Story”

Writer: Nick Margerison
Artist: Hayden Fryer

“Captive Audience”

Writer: Stepen Lopich
Artist: Daniel Gibbs

“Fly Away Home”

Writer: Liz Argall
Artist: Joe Whyte

“Graveyard Shift”

Writer: Liz Argall
Artist: Maggie McFee

“The Boat”

Writer: Andrew Kubicki
Artist: Matt Elder

“Rogues Of The Cove”

Writer/Artist: Michael Connolly

“Buckled Friendship”

Writer/Artist: Mike Delight

“Nuclear Metamorphosis”

Writer/Artist: Owen Nicholls

“Zombie Girlfriend”

Writer: Liz Argall
Artist: Simon Sherry

“The Tale of Miss Penelope”

Writer: Liz Argall
Artist: Matt Huynh


Writer/Artist: Edward J. Grug

“Rock Zombie”

Writer/Artist: Thomas Carter

“The Record”

Writer: Christian Read
Artist: Tonia Walden

“Meat Puppet”

Writer: Liz Argall
Artist: Troy Kealley



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