Sneaky Goblins at College

Sneaky Goblins at College

Self published by René Pfitzner | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia


40 pages | All Ages
Anthology, Comic Book

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Humour


“Goblins at College”

Writer/Artist: René Pfitzner


This book includes 3 fun fantasy stories:

“Goblins at College”: Dank and Sophie were students at Fitch’s Academy for Young Assassins. Dank struggled with the practical aspects of the course, and he wasn’t always great with the book-learning, either. How did he get his grades up and what gave him the passion to do it?

“Bog the Orc”: Bog might be a giant, beefy orc with decent mutton chops, but he never quite fit in. What kind of orc leaves his tribe and strikes out alone in this wild and dangerous world? This short comic reveals all.

“Stop the Dragon”: Dank, Bog and Sonya the Wizard arrive in a small town, hounded by a terrible menace: a greedy, fire-breathing dragon! They’d rather avoid a fight, but they are quickly drawn into the town’s nightmare. They’ll need to work together to defeat a foe more powerful than any of them have faced before!

Editor: Karen Beilharz



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