Sizzle and Doug into the Multiverse

Sizzle and Doug into the Multiverse

ComX Studio | 2022 | Country of Publication: Australia

Rob Lisle


32 pages | All Ages
Anthology, Comic Book

Genre: Adventure, Humour


A fundraising comics jam book edited by Shane Syddall and Rob Lisle. Limited to a numbered run of 100 copies.

Contributors: Rob Lisle, Pete Fairfax, Ryan Vella, Sheydin Dew, Angie Spice, Shannon Browning, Peter Lawson, Ben Sullivan, Duncan Pranevicius, Peter Wilson, Nicole Kane, Chris Pitcairn, Logan French, Alex Major, Claudia Estrada, Dana King, Leigh Chalker, Tony Davidson, Ed Kearsley, Nicholas Cleary, Gary Proudley, Wolfgang Bylsma, Tim McEwen, Julian Velasco, Dave Dye, Nick May, Alister Lockhart, Dushan Silva, Stuart Black, Mickey Scott, Dan May, Millie Holten, Chris Wood



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