Sexy Female Murderesses

Sexy Female Murderesses

Glom Press | 2018 | Country of Publication: Australia

Eloise Grills


98 pages | For Mature Readers, Adult content. Not for minors
Graphic Novel

Genre: Alternative, Biography, History


“Sexy Female Murderesses” 96 pages

Writer/Artist: Eloise Grills


Like a smoke alarm that plays “I Believe In Miracles” by Hot Chocolate while your house burns down.

Like a greased up stripper pole for use in emergencies, only.

They say (I say) that death is life cumming, and death by a sexy female murderess is the female climax: slippery, elusive and by the time it finally comes you’ll wish you were never born. Sexy Female Murderesses is a warning to those who would never heed it anyway, and a childlike joy for others, like floating your rubber duck down a river of blood.

Grills slices up figures of history, autobiography and speech, in a delightful springtime bloodbath for famously evil and evilly famous women—dead or alive, young and old. Burn your house down, poison your whole family, shoot your lovers point blank: just read this book before you do.



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