Saturday Class Volume 1

Saturday Class Volume 1

Self published | 2022 | Country of Publication: Australia


48 pages | All Ages
Anthology, Comic Book

Genre: Fiction, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Humour, Satire


Saturday Class is a collection of comic short stories created by some of Perth’s youngest up and coming comic artists. Fifteen Year 8-11 students in the Kalamunda Senior High School Gifted and Talented Visual Arts program each created their own original short comic, culminating in a collection of work that reflects their unique voices as emerging storytellers.

Edited by Lola Baldsing & Scott Higginbotham

Contributors: Evie Rain Bride-McCaughey, Scarlett Courtenay, Chae Elkington, Ana Fehrman, Lauren Greaves, Ane Greyling, Tahli Hodgson, Joelle Jacques, Charlotte Lee Steere, Zuri Matthews, Alicia Mikosza, Anna Plaistowe, Kayden Roi, Karina Simons, Calais Wilson



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