Rise of the Talking Bread

Rise of the Talking Bread

Halftone Productions | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia


36 pages | All Ages
Anthology, One-shot

Genre: Horror, Humour, Satire, Supernatural


“Death From Above” 1 pages

Writer: Kieran Jack
Artist: Kelly Coleman
Letterer: Kieran Jack

“Raising of the Rejects”

Writer: Bradley Aden
Artist: Logan French
Letterer: Logan French

“Nightmare in Cheese”

Writer/Artist: Kieran Jack

“Baking News”

Writer: Lucas Wittingslow
Artist: Matt Kyme
Letterer: Graeme Jackson

“Just Dessert”

Writer: Tim Stiles
Artist: Ben Mitchell
Letterer: Ben Mitchell

“Baked Not Burnt”

Writer: Matt Kyme
Artist: Pauldo Taylor
Letterer: Pauldo Taylor

“The Reanimation of Queeny P”

Writer: James Gilarte
Artist: Angie Spice
Letterer: Angie Spice

“It Came From The Bakery”

Writer/Artist: Kieran Jack


In 2019 I embarked on my most ambitious project to date, bringing together 12 creative minds to develop a series of 8 short stories that built upon the world of The Talking Bread original 6 part series. My drive for creating this collaboration was to encourage the comic book community to band together and support each other and bring out the best in each other. By pairing writers and illustrators together that may not have been familiar with each other’s work, we created something magical. Each creative artist has bought their own spark to this anthology.

Edited by Clare and Kieran Jack



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