Retro Sci-Fi Tales Christmas Special

Retro Sci-Fi Tales Christmas Special

Dark Oz | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia


All Ages
Anthology, Collected edition of previously published work, Comic Book, One-shot

Genre: Science Fiction


Contributors: Darren Koziol (writer, director), Michal Dutkiewicz, Ben Sullivan, Dave Dye, Matt James, Jeff Edis, Eduardo Cruz, Dan Lynch, Dragan Vignjevic, Graeme Jackson, Martin Gammon

UFO Chasers, Paranormal Investigators, Conspiracy Theory Debunkers – collecting all of the ‘Bruno & Maggie’ stories (they’re like Australia’s version of The X-Files), from the pages of Retro Sci-Fi Tales, into a complete one-shot comic. Seriously great fun for everyone, with some amazing art.



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