Pulse of Darkness

Pulse of Darkness 3

Opal Press Australia | 1989 | Country of Publication: Australia

Kurt Stone


44 pages | For Mature Readers
Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Drama, Horror, Supernatural, Thriller


“Carl Uda’s Sinister Cinema”

Writer: Christopher Sequeira
Artist: Bodine Amerikah
Letterer: Kerry Kennedy


Writer: Christopher Sequeira
Penciller: Kurt Stone
Inker: Mark Morte
Inker: Bodine Amerikah (page 1)
Letterer: Kerry Kennedy

“Rattlebone: Ice-Cold Murder”

Script: Christopher Sequeira
Plot: M.E. Townsend
Artist: Kurt Stone

“Jonny Flathead: In The Light Of The Moon”

Plot: Jonathan J. Sequeira
Script: Christopher Sequeira
Penciller: Jonathan J. Sequeira
Inker: Gavin O’Keefe
Letterer: Kerry Kennedy



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