Self published by Tonia Walden | 2005 | Country of Publication: Australia

Jase Harper


68 pages | All Ages
Anthology, Mini Comic, One-shot

Genre: Action, Adventure, Humour


“A Pirate’s Absolution” 5 pages

Writer/Artist: Henry Pop

“Pirate Man” 1 pages

Writer/Artist: Matt Hugh

“I Hate Pirates” 5 pages

Writer: Daniel Lawson
Artist: Ryan Wilton

“Sabre and His Scurvy Dogs” 4 pages

Writer/Artist: Edward J. Grug

“Black” 2 pages

Writer/Artist: Mike Delight

“The Pirate’s Boy” 4 pages

Script: Liz Argall
Script: Mike McClure
Artist: Troy Kealley

“Special Needs On The High Seas” 2 pages

Writer/Artist: Dean Rankine

“Over The Reef” 5 pages

Writer/Artist: Ian C. Thomas

“mister J and the Pirates” 1 pages

Writer/Artist: Jason Conlan

“Jolly Roger” 2 pages

Writer/Artist: Jase Harper

“Sourpuss” 5 pages

Writer: Jeremy Conrad
Artist: Miss Wired
Layouts: Jeremy Conrad
Letterer: Jeremy Conrad

“Pirate Idol” 3 pages

Writer/Artist: Gavin Thomson

“Callaus” 3 pages

Writer: Mark Sealan
Artist: Tonia Walden

“The Pirate Code Of Conduct” 3 pages

Writer: Stuart Roberts
Artist: Arran McKenna

“The Lense Of Bast – “A Cat Named Max”” 5 pages

Writer/Artist: Maggie McFee

“Playing Pirates” 1 pages

Writer/Artist: Jennifer Ogilvie

“Piratify” 4 pages

Writer/Artist: Anthony Samson

“Buccaneer’s Rest” 5 pages

Writer/Artist: Michael Connolly

“Pirate Rob in “Bonny and Read”” 3 pages

Writer/Artist: Steve Stamatiadis

Comic Arts Awards of Australia

Silver Ledger Award


Edited by Tonia Walden, letters by the respective artists



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