Oz Comics

Oz Comics 1

Oz Comics | 1983 | Country of Publication: Australia



32 pages | All Ages
Anthology, Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Alternative, Superhero


“A Degree of Damnation”

Writer/Artist: Joe Spellman

“Cocky Stories”

Writer/Artist: Bill Collins

“Buffo and Toad”

Writer: Frank Maconochie
Writer: Ben Waszota
Artist: Dwyane Labbe

“Thedora Day”

Writer/Artist: Sue Hunter

“Tales of the Happy Buddha”

Writer/Artist: Jeff Wetterman

“It Ain’t Cricket”

Writer/Artist: Phil Sommerville


Writer/Artist: Des Waterman

“Southern Squadron”

Writer/Artist: Dave de Vries

“Bill Posters”

Writer/Artist: Leigh


Writer/Artist: Dennis Bazzana


1st Southern Squadron by deVries.



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