Outcast 1

Angus & Robertson Publishers | 1980 | Country of Publication: Australia

Trevor Weekes


70 pages | For Mature Readers
Anthology, Magazine

Genre: Alternative, Humour, Satire, Science Fiction


“The Rise of the Blind”

Writer/Artist: Patrice Guilbert

“Parlour Game”

Writer: Peter Ford
Artist: Patrice Guilbert

“My Train of Thought”

Writer/Artist: Trevor Weekes

“Revenge From The Sun”

Writer/Artist: Trevor Weekes

“Mawson’s Moments”

Writer/Artist: Matt Mawson


Writer/Artist: Terry Murphy

“Once Upon A Clock”

Writer/Artist: Silvestro

“Split Level”

Writer/Artist: Greg Taylor

“It’s A Girl”

Writer/Artist: Greg Taylor


Writer/Artist: Luciano

“Garfield Strick”

Writer/Artist: Trevor Weekes


Magazine sized, glossy pages, full colour.



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