Operation Cat Drop

Operation Cat Drop

MOD (Museum of Discovery) | 2020 | Country of Publication: Australia

Georgina Chadderton


12 pages | All Ages
Mini Comic

Genre: Education/Information, Humour


“Operation Cat Drop” 12 pages

Writer/Artist: Georgina Chadderton


Operation Cat Drop is a mini comic commissioned by MOD. (Museum of Discovery) in Adelaide for the exhibition ‘It’s Complicated’ (an exhibition about complex systems and how everything we do can cause change and effect). It is an explanation comic about the unforeseen consequences of an attempt at malaria aid in Borneo by the World Health Organization (W.H.O) in the 1950s that led to the W.H.O parachuting cats into a village. The comic was also a response to an installation of 3D model parachuting cats created by an animation company for the exhibition.



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