ComicOz | 2014 | ISBN/ISSN: 22034331 | Country of Publication: Australia

Anton Emdin


52 pages | All Ages, For Mature Readers
Anthology, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Action, Adventure, Education/Information, Fantasy, Horror, Humour, Science Fiction


“Fridge Boy From Space”

Writer/Artist: Rob Feldman


Writer/Artist: Tony Thorne

“Yes Man”

Writer/Artist: Glen Le Lievre

“Nuts and Bolts”

Writer/Artist: Bruce Mutard

“Crappy New Year”

Writer/Artist: Dillon Naylor

“Big Red”

Writer/Artist: SCAR (Steve Carter & Antoinette Rydyr)

“The Long Weekend In Alice Springs (excerpt)”

Writer/Artist: Josh Santospirito



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