OIOIOI! Nostalgia Special

OIOIOI! Nostalgia Special

ComicOz | 2016 | Country of Publication: Australia

Glenn Lumsden


32 pages | For Mature Readers
Anthology, One-shot

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Humour


“Merry Christmas”

Writer/Artist: Bruce Mutard

“Out On A Limb”

Writer: Daryl Eddy
Artist: Ian Eddy

“I Was A Sanitation Worker For ASIO!!”

Writer/Artist: Jim Stratmann

“You Will Tell Us All You Know”

Writer/Artist: Rob Feldman


Writer: Rob Feldman, Lindsay Foyle, Anthony Gray, Nat Karmichael


This issue only available to subscribers and Pozible supporters. Not for general release.

“Mates” outlines the facts behind the rediscovery of the original artwork for Stan Cross’ famous cartoon, “For Gorsakes Stop Laughing – This is Serious!”



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