ComicOz | 2015 | Country of Publication: Australia

Tony Thorne


52 pages | For Mature Readers
Anthology, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Humour


“The First Comic Strip”

Writer: Tony Thorne

“Army Gags”

Writer/Artist: Peter Player

“The Soldier Legacy: … Such Is The Art Of Warfare”

Writer/Artist: Paul Mason

“Bitchy Witch”

Writer/Artist: Veronica Rooke

“Japanese Wives”

Writer/Artist: Ra Bia

“Zombie Cities: Daddy Get Me Home (excerpt)”

Writer: Sorab Del Rio
Artist: Emerson Dimaya
Colourist: Simon Wright
Letterer: Don Ticchio


Writer/Artist: Dave Dye


Writer/Artist: Paul Power


Writer/Artist: Alisha Jade



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