Nervous Breakdowns

Nervous Breakdowns 5

Southern Aurora Comics/Issue One Comics | 1993 | Country of Publication: Australia

Sam Battersby


For Mature Readers
Anthology, Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Alternative


“Death of a Pencil”

“The Holy Book”

Writer: David James
Artist: S. Sastra

“Box Boy”

Writer/Artist: Peter Galmes


“Jack and Biff Go To A Bookstore”

“Inspector Crikey and Doctor Dog: Genesis of the Bumnivores”

Writer/Artist: Tom Priestley

“The Secret”

“Bad Boy”

Writer/Artist: Neale Blandon

“Box Boy”

Writer/Artist: Peter Galmes

“Greener Pastures”
Originally published in: Tharunka
Writer: Michael Michalandos
Artist: Tim McEwen

“That’s What Friends Are For”

“Let’s Piece”

Writer/Artist: Clint Cure

“Blue Monday”

Writer/Artist: Ian Gunn

“Ode To Café Niki”

Writer/Artist: Brendan Boyd


Writer/Artist: Gerard Ashworth


Edited by Gerard Ashworth and Brendan Boyd. Credits not on all stories.



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