Nervous Breakdowns

Nervous Breakdowns 1

Southern Aurora Comics/Issue One Comics | 1992 | Country of Publication: Australia

Gerard Ashworth


For Mature Readers

Genre: Alternative


“The Fourth of the Latchkey Murders”

Writer/Artist: Michael Paterson

“Zero Assassin”

Writer/Artist: Dave Heinrich

“The Scream Inside”

Writer/Artist: Antionette Rydyr

“David Cronenberg: A Man and his Sex Blob”

Writer/Artist: Tonia Walden

“Father & Son: Scum”

Writer/Artist: Wayne Matthews

“&?!£$ Killer View”

Writer/Artist: Paul Rebec
Letterer: Brendan Boyd

“Living In The 90s”

Writer/Artist: Brendan Boyd

“Terminator Bong”

Writer/Artist: Clint Cure

“Welcome To The Community or Adventures In D.I.Y. Comix Publishing”

Writer/Artist: Gerard Ashworth


A5 format, black and white interiors. Publishers/editors listed as Sam Young, Don Ticchio, Brendan Boyd and Gerard Ashworth



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