Mini Mel & Timid Tom

Mini Mel & Timid Tom

Squishface Studio | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia


114 pages | For Children Under 12 Years, All Ages
Graphic Novel

Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy, Humour


“Mini Mel & Timid Tom” 114 pages

Writer/Artist: Ben Hutchings

Comic Arts Awards of Australia

Bronze Ledger Award
Short Listed Project


A children’s graphic novel about a tiny girl and her normal sized cat.

The feline overlord King Mog has set his loyal subject Tom an impossible task. Luckily, today is the day Tom’s owner insists on joining him.

After shrinking to the size of a mouse, Mel’s familiar neighbourhood becomes the epic setting of danger and adventure, kindness and cruelty, courage and camaraderie.

Can Mel help Tom beat the King’s favourite, Sir Ronald, and gain the approval of the Court?



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