Metcop Wonderland

Metcop Wonderland 4

BoxTea Books | 2018 | Country of Publication: Australia

Pierre Lloga


24 pages | All Ages
Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction


“Rainy Days” 20 pages

Writer: Katie Marx
Artist: Mel Roswell
Colourist: Dylan Goss


Rainy Days is the fourth issue of Metcop Wonderland* and, hoo boy, things are getting dark on the Hurstbridge line. Our heroes all deal with their changing circumstances in different ways. Shane takes an unexpected nap, Billy lifts with his legs, and Scarlet’s attempt to use a chainsaw ends spectacularly badly. Released March 2018.

*Metcop Wonderland is an independent series that gives the Australian public the very thing they have long been crying out for: devilishly handsome ticket inspectors fighting monsters on Melbourne trains. There also might be a trans-dimensional love story in there, if you squint.



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