Meet Me In The Pit

Meet Me In The Pit 1

Blueprint Comics | 2018 | Country of Publication: Australia

Rebecca Enya Lourey


30 pages | For Mature Readers
Anthology, Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Alternative, Autobiography, Drama, Humour


Meet Me in the Pit is a cartoon mixtape, allowing creators to explore their relationship with music through autobiographical comics, short fiction and pieces directly inspired by specific songs and bands.
Edited by Chris Neill
Includes comics by:
– Alex Bennetts (writer) and Finbah Neill (artist)
– Chris Neill (writer) and Rebecca Enya Lourey (artist)
– Christof Bogacs (writer) and Josh Spencer (artist)
– Eloise Grills
– Elyce Phillips
– Humyara Mahbub
– Jess Cockerill
– Meg O’Shea
– Rachel Ang
– Ryley Miller



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