Machine//Heart: Solid State Collection

Machine//Heart: Solid State Collection

Midnight Runners Publishing | 2022 | Country of Publication: Australia

John Hanna


280 pages | For Mature Readers
Collected edition of previously published work, Graphic Novel

Genre: Action, Drama, Science Fiction


Collected works of volumes 1-4

Machine//Heart Solid State Collection is the collected works of the four-volume existential action sci fi series of Machine//Heart. Written and illustrated over the span of 8 years, it’s been self published, sold in digital pdf online, available online to read for free on webtoons, and available as a physical copy at local and interstate conventions in NSW and QLD.

Beth Saunders wakes up to expired milk in the fridge, a calendar months out of date, and a furious boyfriend who claims she’s been out of contact for an entire semester of university.

What happened in those missing months? Why does Beth suddenly know things that she can’t explain? And how is she able to brutally slaughter four thugs who chase her down a back alley?

This omnibus covers Beth’s action-packed journey to find answers, and the world-altering consequences that those answers bring.



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