Jam Comics

Jam Comics

Comics With Friends And Strangers | 2016 | Country of Publication: Australia

Don Hatcher / Owen Heitmann


32 pages | All Ages
Comic Book, One-shot

Genre: Alternative, Humour, Satire


“Mao Sawg” 28 pages

Writer/Artist: Simon Kneebone
Writer/Artist: Greg Holfeld
Writer/Artist: Robin Tatlow-Lord
Writer/Artist: Dr Mike 2000
Writer/Artist: Don Hatcher
Writer/Artist: Georgina Chadderton
Writer/Artist: Tom Roberts
Writer/Artist: Owen Heitmann
Writer/Artist: Madeleine Karutz
Writer/Artist: Jake Holmes


Also includes work by Dan McGuines, Erik Brasse, David G Williams, Adam P, Rohan Neagle, Apoorv Jaiswal, Steve Ready, Carly Curgenven, Zac Benn, Tom Roberts, Franklin Holfeld and more.



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