Issue One

Issue One 7

Issue One Comics | 1993 | Country of Publication: Australia

Jason Paulos


52 pages | All Ages
Anthology, Comic Book

Genre: Action, Superhero, Science Fiction


“Cyberswine: The Teleporter From Dimension X”

Writer: Bodine Amerikah
Artist: Jason Paulos

“Platinum Grit: Friendly Fire”

Writer/Artist: Trudy Cooper
Script: Daniel Murphy
Inker: Doug Bayne

“Zero Assassin”

Writer/Artist: Sam Young
Inker: Hugh Fleming
Inker: David Heinrich
Inker: Pete Mullins
Inker: Steve Stamatiadis
Inker: Tonia Walden
Letterer: Tim Duguid
Letterer: Matthew Sprong


Cyberswine story is a cross-over with Hairbutt the Hippo.



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