Perth Comic Arts Festival / Milktooth School of Art and Stories | 2022 | Country of Publication: Australia



42 pages | All Ages

Genre: Fiction, Action, Autobiography, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult


“A Walk Through The Crour Dimension” 5 pages

Writer/Artist: Elise Lloyd

“Dogs In Isolation” 5 pages

Writer/Artist: Nazario Whyte

“The Dream From My Nightmare” 5 pages

Writer/Artist: Safia Slawinski

“Nature Blooms” 5 pages

Writer/Artist: Sarah Low

“Can’t Feel” 5 pages

Writer/Artist: Teodor Stojanovic

“Reminisce” 5 pages

Writer/Artist: Violet Winton


ISO:ID is an anthology project featuring six teenagers from Perth who made comics reflecting on their pandemic experiences.

Over six workshops, they were mentored by established comics makers as they identified and developed stories, story-boarded their scripts and rendered their final art.

The anthology features fantastical shonen-style battles with alien life-forms, anthropomorphic fables and tender inner reflections as these young people reflected on what they had been through.



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