Ink Tales: Veiled Edition

Ink Tales: Veiled Edition

White Cat Press | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia

Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz with mods by Trevor Wood


52 pages | For Mature Readers
Anthology, One-shot

Genre: Fiction, Autobiography, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, War


“Sub Rosa”

Writer: Dale Maccanti
Artist: Lindy Lou


Writer: Dale Maccanti
Artist: Andrew Isaac

“Tangible Evidence”

Writer: Dale Maccanti
Artist: Jason Paulos

“Forsaken Prophet”

Writer: Dale Maccanti
Artist: Ary


Writer: Dale Maccanti
Artist: Will Pleydon


Supernatural thrillers, war-ravaged alien worlds, and personal haunting tales, are all linked by ink in this Australian graphic anthology. It doesn’t matter whether you LOVE or HATE tattoos, Ink Tales will change the way you perceive one of the oldest art forms in human history.
Featuring 5 short stories by some of Australia’s best emerging and established writers and artists in comics today. Edited by Dale Maccanti.



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