I’m Shirtless In This One

I’m Shirtless In This One

Self published by Hien Pham | 2018 | Country of Publication: Australia

Hien Pham


All Ages
Webcomic/Online only | View project here.

Genre: Non Fiction, Autobiography


“I’m Shirtless In This One”

Writer/Artist: Hien Pham


Shirtless is an interactive Twine comic attempting to work through my body image issues so I could finally feel comfortable swimming with my shirt off.

Up until 2018, I haven’t swam for half a decade since I’ve moved to Australia. This comic is an attempt at talking about my body image issues mostly to myself and for myself, but please feel free to have a read! This only speaks to my personal experience as a cis queer man of colour without body or gender dysphoria.

Shirtless was nominated for the 2019 Freeplay Independent Games Festival’s Micro-Game Award!



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