How this site works

How this site works

  1. Register. It’s free.
  2. Do an Advanced Search to see if the comic you want to enter hasn’t already been added.
  3. Submit A Project. Fill out the form as completely as you can and upload a cover scan.
  4. Edit Your Details and Entries. If you would like to edit or delete an entry, go to this link to get a new password or see a list of the comics that have been submitted by you. Click either “Edit” or “Delete”.
  5. Claim an entry. If you see a comic posted by someone else and want to edit the entry, drop the administrators a line with the edits, or, if appropriate, we can give you editing privileges. Just drop us a line.

About scans
Graphic novels, comics, and magazines will be sampled for online use to 600 pixels wide.
Mini comics, items approx A5 or less should be uploaded at 300 pixels wide.
Short stories should have a sample panel uploaded at 300 pixels wide.

Judging copies for the Ledger Awards
If you are submitting new comics projects for the current judging period:

Email a screen optimised PDF (complete, with covers, no watermarks) to: mail at LedgerAwards dot org
Subject: Ledger Awards: Judging Copy
Emailed projects will only be forwarded to the Judging Panel and the Organising Committee. They will not be distributed.
Please do not send print quality PDFs unless that’s all you have. The files can be quite large.

PDFs are preferred, but if physical copies are essential for judging, send six copies of your printed project to:
The Ledger Awards
c/o Gary Chaloner
655 Glen Huon Road
Glen Huon
Tas 7109