The Phantom: Vietnam: Have you ever seen the rain?

The Phantom: Vietnam: Have you ever seen the rain?

Short Story | Frew Publications | 2021 | Country of Publication: Australia

Paul Mason


10 pages | For Mature Readers
Comic Book, Short Story | Story appeared in: The Phantom #1887 February 2021

Genre: Fiction, Action, Drama, Education/Information, History, Superhero, War

Main characters: The Phantom, Guran, Rex King


“Have you ever seen the rain?” 10 pages

Writer/Artist: Paul Mason
Editor: Amanda Bacchi
Editor: Glenn Ford


Back Cover image shown, story features as back up story in The Phantom #1887.
Part of a series of stories featuring The Phantom in the Vietnam War.

Issue 1887 – Fortnightly, 2021

Info on series:



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