Harry’s Pizza Volume One

Harry’s Pizza Volume One

Amplified Press | 2022 | Country of Publication: Australia

Rebecca Sheedy


24 pages | All Ages
Comic Book, Mini Comic

Genre: Fiction, Humour, Young Adult


“Harry’s Pizza” 16 pages

Writer/Artist: Rebecca Sheedy
Artist: Georgina Chadderton (pinup artist)
Artist: Owen Heitmann (pinup artist)


Beloved Adelaide autobio zinester Rebecca Sheedy makes a rare foray into fiction with Harry’s Pizza.

Join Harry the fox and his friends Oliver the dog, Jim the bear, and Sophie the cat (plus special cameo by Patrick Stewart) as they navigate life highs and lows—all while consuming delicious pizza!

From discussing the seemingly impossible dream of home ownership to conducting culinary experiments with caffeinated pizza, Harry and friends bring these pages to life in a series of funny, relatable and heart-warming vignettes.

Whether your preference is for deep dish or thin crust, Harry’s Pizza is sure to delight!



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