Fox Comics

Fox Comics 15

Fox Comics | 1987 | Country of Publication: Australia

John Bagnell


For Mature Readers
Anthology, Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Non Fiction, Alternative, Autobiography, Humour


“Calico County: Watching the Night Skies”

Writer/Artist: John Bagnall

“With Pix”

Writer/Artist: Michael Graham

“I Was A 90lb Weakling”

Writer/Artist: The Big Simp

“A Riddle”

Writer/Artist: Chloe Brooks-Kenworthy


Writer/Artist: Glenn Dakin
Writer/Artist: Steve Way
Writer/Artist: Ed Pinsent

“Sampson and Delyla: A Bullet For Benny”

Writer/Artist: Michael Graham

“The Girl With The Thursday Lip”

Writer: David Bird
Artist: Greg Gates

“Puppy Love”

Writer/Artist: Ian Eddy

“Rusty Brooks: Bake-Off Royale”

Writer: Larry L
Artist: Dillon Naylor

“A Dog And His Cow”

Writer/Artist: Dave Nichols

“Portrait Of Kleenix As A Young Bear”

Writer/Artist: Michael Graham

“Run For The Shelters”

Writer: Wayne Isbister
Artist: Chloe Brooks-Kenworthy

“Everything’s Rosie”

Writer/Artist: Ian Eddie

“True Confusions”

Writer/Artist: David Hodson



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